This book is for any reader irrespective of the field of work or background they come from. It is a book written straight from the heart, relating to every bit of experience I could gather, in the
course of my work and personal life.

The book has a simple tone to it, to understand and realize the concepts without any difficulty. It is all about bringing to attention those subtle aspects, which often may hit our blind spots, thereby creating awareness that can help our mind maintain peace.


Nitin D.C. is a professional coach certified by the ICF and is a leadership development expert at Samsung. He is a post-graduate in Human Resources Management, a graduate in Mechanical Engineering with a post-graduate certificate in Advanced Software Engineering. He has been working for 15 years at Samsung Research in Bangalore. Recently, he was interviewed on America Tonight with the Emmy-award-winning journalist, Kate Delaney.


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Inspirational Book Provides Guide to Forging Interpersonal Connections

Nitin D.C. pens "Human Connect Through Emotional Intelligence" to help attain the personal growth


A professional coach and leadership development expert, author Nitin D.C. has found that in both personal and professional life success comes from building strong relationships with people. Through these connections, people raise one another up, causing a positive feedback loop. With his book, "Human Connect Through Emotional Intelligence," he provides a guide to help his readers leverage this phenomenon to cultivate positive interpersonal relationships, attain harmony at work and at home, and ultimately improve their lives and attain growth and development.


"Human Connect Through Emotional Intelligence" is an inspirational guide for readers from all walks of life. It is also relevant to careerists in fields such as STEM where interpersonal skills are not as heavily emphasized. In its pages are useful tips for noticing subtle behavioral hints and patterns that can help avoid conflict, establish strong ties with colleagues at work or loved ones at home, and ultimately build good connections with one another. With these tips, readers can immediately use the practical advice and enhance their emotional intelligence to introspect, change their perspectives, gain invaluable insights and become positive influences on others. By learning, understanding, and paying attention, cultivating attributes like patience, perseverance, and humility, asking the right questions, and more as outlined in "Human Connect Through Emotional Intelligence," readers will be able to de-stress and earn the confidence needed to better navigate their social lives and careers.


"To be successful in doing anything in life requires inner peace, this applies even to those high achievers who are finding it difficult to handle success. The mantra for a happy life is inner peace, which you can achieve in simple means by following simple guidelines mentioned in my book." D.C. says, explaining how building emotional intelligence is instrumental to attaining peace and prosperity in life. “All you need is awareness, by just asking questions to your inner self, where you stand in paying attention to those behavioral aspects and your application of Emotional Intelligence, which can help destress yourself in simple ways."


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